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    Flat Aluminum Solid Sheets

    Yoobond? aluminum panel is made of aluminum sheets treated with PVDF coating. It is mainly applied to building metal curtain wall, exterior wall decoration, metal roof metal ceiling, interior decoration.It features thermal insulation energy conservation, light weight, good resistance to weather, easy in processing, resistance to shock, good fireproof performance, easy maintenance and rich colors, as a cutting edge decorative sheet.

    Flat Aluminum Solid Sheets
    Product range
    Aluminum Alloy 1100 ,3003
    Paint Supplier PPG, Akzo Nobel
    Alumium Thickness 2mm, 2.5mm , 3.0mm
    Width Up to 1500mm
    Length Up to 6000mm
    Surface Coating PVDF
    The Above materials are regular on request.
    Special requirements please contact with Yoobond Service Team directly.

    Various colors & Pattern could be customized based on diversified design requirements

    Aluminum Solid Sheets