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    Corporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP Sheet)

    Yoobond? Corporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panels(ACP)

    Yoobond? Corporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panels(ACP) are widely used for Petrol Station,4S Car Shop Front, Chain system Stores with Single or Multi-colors. which satisfy various design needs and makes the cost of processing much cheaper.
    Corporate Sign Aluminum Composite Panel
    Panel Thickness 3mm
    Cover Sheet Thickness 0.3 0.5
    Standard Size (W x L ) 1220 x 2440 mm
    1250 x 2500mm
    1500 x 3050mm
    1500 x 4050mm
    The above dimensions are standard ex works.
    Individual sizes are available on request.


    Aluminum Alloy 1100? ,3003 ,5005
    Paint Supplier PPG, Becker , Akzo Nobel
    Core Material Non-toxic low-density polyethylene
    Surface Coating PVDF ,FEVE
    Surface Color Multi-colors ,Solid, Metallic, Brushed, Spectra, Wood & Marble, Embossed
    The Above materials are regular on request.
    Special requirements please contact with Yoobond Service Team directly.
    PVDF (Fluorine-Carbon) Coating

    ※ Traditional PVDF Coating: With Kynar 500 PVDF,Two or three times for coating and baking, had good properties of anti-acid ,anti-alkali and is durable in a trocious weather and environment,Keep 15 years no uneonted fading,In view of these facts,We recommend this panel applied for external wall cladding .

    ※Nanometer PVDF Coating: Which different with traditional PVDF is the clear coating, It contains nanometer element, Which can protect Panel from Pollution,Because nanometer has self-cleaning effect,It easy to get rid of dust and pollution by ranning or Water,.


    Fluoroethylen Vinyl Ether (FEVE) resins were developed in Japan in the early 1980’s.Unlike other fluoroplymer resins,FEVE offers a wide range of desirable properties, such as excellent reistance against UV rays and other natural elements . It is corrosion and chemical reistant.FEVE is different from industry standard PVDF Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 resins as it offeres a higher gloss of up to 90% .Other than that all other features are similar to that of Kynar 500/ Hylar 5000 resin and we offer the 10~15 years warranty on our FEVE Coated Panels. FEVE based coatings offer excellent weatherability under harsh environmental conditiond and provide extended period of gloss and color retention .


    For More colors, Please refer to Yoobond Color Chart.Other colors are also available for all finishes upon request subject to minimum quantity.