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    A2 Grade Aluminum Corrugated Composite Panel

    Yoobond ? Aluminum corrugated panel is a kind of aluminum composite Materials manufactured by using aluminum sheet as its front sheet and corrugated core as its core material, by selecting back sheet (or non-composite back sheet) in accordance with an application environment, with such features as a wide plate surface, good flatness, small falling deviation size and so on.
    Aluminum Corrugated Panels


    The core sheet of the aluminum corrugated sheet is of the water ripple shape, which forms an air passageway between the front panel and rear panel, that is, a hollow system, so that the sheet is among the best products for heat insulation. The remainder of the corrugated sheet in engineering can be recovered by 100%, being environmentally-friendly and pollution-free.
    Aluminum Corrugated Panels


    regular size(W*L*H) 600x1200x6mm
    Max. size(W*L*H) 1500mmx6000mmx25mm
    Available thickness: 4mm-25mm
    Corrugated core thickness: 0.2-0.5mm
    Regular surface finish: PVDF,PE, Spray Coating

    Size, shape, color and surface finish can be customized as requested.

    • Super flatness
    • Light weight
    • A2 Fire-resistance
    • Good anti-peel strength
    • Recyclable and environmental friendly


    • Building exterior, interior wall covering, ceilings, partitions
    • Column covers and soffit and fascia panels
    • Signage and white boards
    • Furnitures and Tables
    • Rounded walling, roofing

    Aluminum Corrugated Panels